Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Installation

If you were to drive by my house you would think that I am moving somewhere.  The carport is covered with boxes. Inside the boxes are books. Hundreds of books. I am doing an installation of books next summer for an art exhibition.  I am using books pointing backwards (spines in) to make an comment on the current change towards books without pages. The concept of turning a page is changing as the digital book becomes more popular. I am going to take the books and make them into manageable cubes so that they can be installed easily along an entire wall in the gallery, with no spaces between the books. I am getting the books from the library discards.  They are the really super old, nobody wants them books, or the damaged ones (spines broken, covers missing, water damaged). It doesn't matter to me if they are damaged for the concept that I have. Some of the books have that really old smell that is so unique to used bookstores and libraries.  I am not even close to the number of books I need yet and I also need to McGuyver some way to hold them together in small groups. It should be an interesting challenge for the winter as will be the storage issue. I have faith that both will work out.