Sunday, March 11, 2012

Multiplying Nests

The nests seem to be multiplying faster than I expected. I had to do some serious reorganizing of the studio space because the nests seemed to be taking over.  I am having such fun creating the large-scale nests from found objects. The lastest is layers of glass with paper under each layer to form the nest.  It is hard to see in a photo but you can see through the layers of glass and it seems like you can see right into the nest. The paper is cut very thin like a grass nest. The glass is old shelving that I found in the store space.  I have begun a second glass shelving one and am taking apart fabric one thread at a time and building a nest using layers.  It is super challenging to make this work. Tomorrow CBC is at the studio to talk to me about the nest project.

Here are some images of what the Market Mall studio looks like this week after producing a few more nests.