Friday, July 20, 2012

Books in Wax - Dictionairies

I have created two new pieces that will appear in my exhibition next week. Both are a translation dictionary encased in wax. Why would I do this??? I was struck by the change in tourist behaviour the last time I was in Europe. Tourists used to consult their dictionary to find out what a word meant but now they use their phones. There was a distinct change in how people travel. So I took an Italian to French Translation dictionary and put it in wax. Then I took it a step further and put a map and compass as these are becoming less needed as well when traveling as again people use their phones. The final one I created uses a French/English Dictionary and an old Ipod. It is called "There's an App for that". 

Lost in Translation #2

Lost in Translation #1

Rainbow of Words

There's an App for That