Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Day on the Blog

Welcome to my blog to those out there in cyber space. This blog will be your link to what is going on in my studio. I will try and post images as often as I remember to.
I am currently working on a large scale piece of my son the snowboarder. The piece is inspired by the painting "The Kiss" by Francesco Hayez. See link.

I am using a similar positioning with my son and his girlfriend as a symbol for how the modern athlete has taken on the role of hero that long ago was the warrior. I intend to do a six part series on this concept. The image uploaded is the underpainting that I did today. The atmospheric perspective in the background is the goal for this week.

I am also working on a 500 edition print for the Catholic Schools 100th anniversary celebration. I have created 7 different printing blocks and am printing the pieces on mulberry paper.