Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo transfers

I worked on Mandi's hand today and got the phototransfer images ready to go. The poem I am putting over the trees is.....


Come hither, womankind and all their worth,
Give me thy kisses as I call them forth.
Give me the billing kiss, that of the dove,
                  A kiss of love;
The melting kiss, a kiss that doth consume
                  To a perfume;
The extract kiss, of every sweet a part,
                  A kiss of art;
The kiss which ever stirs some new delight,
                  A kiss of might;
The twaching smacking kiss, and when you cease,
                  A kiss of peace;
The music kiss, crochet-and-quaver time;
                  The kiss of rhyme;
The kiss of eloquence, which doth belong
                  Unto the tongue;
The kiss of all the sciences in one,
                  The kiss alone.
So, ‘tis enough.

Edward Herbert, Lord Cherbury 1583-1648