Monday, June 16, 2014

BIG INK - The Bees are Buzzing

I had the pleasure of creating a very large print with Lyell Castonguay and the BIG INK Project this past weekend in Florence, MA. It is a tryptich printed three times on the same piece of paper. The bees tessellate. It was very very ard to print. I am very thankful for everyone's help in lining up the block for printing.

I am heading to the states next month to print this very large woodcut for The BIG INK project with Lyell Castonguay.

It is a tesselating piece in that the bees on the long sides match up and make a full bee. So I will be printing it on a very large sheet of paper 36 x 48" in size. I am super excited. The images below are of the process of carving the block.