Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Going, Going, Gone - Linocut Prints about Colony Collapse

Going, Going, Gone (series) 

Artist Statement
Monique Martin

Ink on Mulberry Paper 
  108 x 27.5” 

Rooftops of Paris have become home to millions of bees, it is this that has inspired these pieces in response to the work of John TaylorArms, Gargoyle in his Quarry. I had the pleasure of working with some Parisian beekeepers over the past year, which led me to understand the complexity/complex and the absolute way of things.  The three layers artistically interpret the active healthy hive, the hive beginning to struggle and—in the front panel—the hive is near collapse. Now bees look over the rooftops of Paris just as the gargoyles do.

This piece will be exhibited at the Art Complex Museum, Auxbury, Massachusetts in 2015.  

#bees #colonycollapse #linocut