Monday, August 1, 2011

Holding On and Turning the Corner

Two new prints, hot off the press. These pieces were inspired by my trip to Hungary where I toured a glove factory. The first two completed in the series of 10 are "Turning the Corner" and "Holding On".  The colour on the gloves is created using a technique called Chine  Colle. It is a piece of paper adhered to the paper and then the print is created over it. I like to challenge myself so not only do I need to get the ink correct but I also have a registration (lining up the print) challenge like no other. It is really really hard to do but I was quite successful. Here they are. I am off tomorrow to look for black paper and a few other colours to add to the collection.

They are part of a larger collection called "Living Inside and Outside the Box".  This series was inspired by a visit to the Gant Glove Factory in Pécs, Hungary. It was in watching the unnamed artists create gloves through handstitching, stretching of leather and matching of colour that I began to think about how there are so many places and times in life where we have to fit into the box make things exactlyhow they are to be and at other times we can live a little outside the box. I am a school teacher (elementary Fine Arts) and sometimes feel that I live inside and outside the box of creating. I am somewhat limited in what I can create because of the profession that I am in.