Friday, August 19, 2011

Text Message Relationships

In this pieces of art I took the classic play "Romeo and Juliet" and gave it a different look. I found "Romeo and Juliet" text message version on the internet. I was unable to locate the original source but loved the very modern version.

I have watched my children text messaging in their relationships and was inspired to create this concertina sketchbook version of the text message version. The cover of the book is very ornate (using seed beads). The ornate cover is in direct contrast to the 140 characters that a text message allows. Texting is anything but ornate. The random swirls on the cover are intentional as well. I had contemplated making them a formal repeating pattern but again texting is anything but predictable. My children have several conversations going at one time and several parts going at one time which can make the messages a jumble of ideas, just like the swirls on the box.