Thursday, August 11, 2011

Slow Emergencies

This is a snapshot of a work in progress called "Slow Emergencies". I love the term slow emergencies. It describes so many things in life; career, relationships, financial situations, it is a catch all phrase. I am creating this piece spontaneously in my kitchen. I have attached a very large sheet of paper to the wall and when a phrase, a thought, or a pattern feel powerful to me I add it to the piece. I have only been working on it a few weeks but I love it. It seems to be looking like a bird right now but I think that will change as it evolves. The coloured pieces are tiny seed beeds that I add.  I am going to look through old sketch books at some point and include some of the thoughts that I have written down. Some of my most profound thoughts coming to me on trains. I love trains and the creative flow that they create in me.