Sunday, December 4, 2011

Black Friday - Bird Nests

Before I go any further in this post I have to tell you I am not much of a shopper and rarely read the sales flyers that fill my mailbox. Black Friday and the behavior of people on that day astonished me so I am creating a series of 100 wire bird nests. 100 being the base of our currency.  People on Black Friday went to the store hours early to find things to put into their nests (homes) to make that home more of what they wanted to it to be. Some of them did this without knowing the consequences of that day. I won't go into detail but we all know the reports on the news.

The black nests will contrast the white clay ones I am making. (See previous post) 

So, the Black Friday moment in time inspired me to make 100 black bird nests from wire. My husband is quite enjoying this as I am actually sitting in front of the television to do this and he gets to see me for a little more each night that he normally would. He is helping me separate the black wire from the other colours and I create two nests per night in front of the TV.  I rarely watch TV so this is a huge thing that I am sitting in front of it. Opra came and left TV and I never saw an episode. I usually make art when I am not doing the necessary things to make life run or working, so TV is just not something that I do. So, two nests a night will be 50 nights in front of the TV.