Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clay Nests out of the kiln

I have fired 6 clay nests. As these are a total experiment I afraid of the results. I am using scrap clay that I didn't want to rework one more time in my classroom. So they are made from crumbling dry bits of clay. They are also super fragile.

The pieces of paper under the nests are an idea I am thinking about. The paper have images of hyperinflation in Germany when it was cheaper to burn money than buy wood to burn, when people took their pay home in large baskets, when children make kites from money because it was cheaper than buying a kite or when children played with blocks of money rather than toys because it was cheaper. 

I am also still working on the colour of the nests. I am not sure if the off white colour is good or not as most gallery displays are quite white. They look good on a wood surface but not as good on a white surface.

Nest vary in size from 5cm to 15cm.