Sunday, December 4, 2011

Clay Nests

As part of my nest series I am creating clay nests. The plan is to make 100. I have created 4 which are drying and I hope that they dry well so that I can fire them soon. I am so excited to work with clay, I love it. The act of rolling the twig like shapes is almost hypnotic. I am have looked carefully at real bird nests so am finding the creation of clay ones easy. I plan on glazing them white as a contrast to my series of 100 black nests made from wire. (See next post)  Nothing is finances is black and white it is more of a grey, so I am creating 100 black and 100 white nests, between the two is the grey area. I have not planned to create 100 grey nests but you never know. 100 being the the base of our currency is why 100.

A friend of mine is moving to a new house this weekend with her children and I thought of her while creating this. Birds move in twigs to create their nest, feathers, grass etc to make it soft and comfortable, we move couches, chairs, pictures and the various objects that we surround ourselves with. A line from the movie "Eat, Love and Pray" where she talks about being an active participant in every part of the life she created, making choices about everything that she brought into her life, as she touches the things in her home, kept coming to mind as I placed each twig.