Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Nest Drawn with an Eraser

 Disappearing Nest Egg 
39 x 50", 99 x 127cm
Graphite on Paper

I  have finished a new eraser nest. It is a large one 39 x 50", 99 x 127cm. It an exploration where I use an eraser to draw rather than a pencil. I coloured the entire paper with graphite, no small task that is for sure. I then created the nest like form using an eraser. It for me mirrors what many people are feeling as our nest eggs are being erased and our retirement dreams are being erased with them. Freedom 55 doesn't seem like a reality for many people in this current economic climate.

As well today my students had an opening of their artwork at a local gallery. Here is a link to the event. Link