Sunday, January 8, 2012

Leger Lines - Modern Times

I found an old leger book while sorting through old books for my book installation that will take place next summer. I am installing 20,000 books in a gallery. Anyway, I found the leger and was amazed at what was included on the expenses lines in 1910. So, I created a modern version with the titles as closely blending in as possible. It was really hard to do to even get it to be close to matching the colour and font. I need a new printer cartridge after this project. I am hoping the curator will include the piece in my April exhibition at Affinity Gallery, I would like the piece to be able to be touched and looked through by people in the gallery. The leger makes me want to call the more recent types of expenses -  modern expenses - but really "All times have been modern". People in 1910 thought that their times were modern. This concept has always struck me as interesting in that we all think we are in modern times.