Saturday, January 21, 2012

Calculated Risk - Poker Chips

This was one of my last pieces in the nest series, I forgot to post it last week. I am however, still unsure if I want to make it slightly different or if it is done. A work of art is never finished it simply stops in interesting places. Paul Gardner.

It is called "Calculated Risk" and is super large 32 x 46". It is one of the last in my nest egg series. Inspired by Doug Little's book and life.  Doug and his wife are friends of mine. He wrote a book called Losing Mariposa: The Memoir of a Compulsive Gambler

All the little nests are in a row holding onto their nest egg but one is taking off and doing his own thing with a gambling chip (a calculated risk??), the nest has even turned his nest away from others.

I think it is a work in process or progress and I am waiting for the call for what to do next. I do know that Doug's life has inspired me. His book comes to my mind often and it makes me think about what moves people, what causes them to make certain choices and whether destiny is really something to believe in. Was Doug destined to go down this path???

I had never held a poker chip in my hand until starting this piece. (I know you are thinking get out and get a life, stop making art for a while)  I was in a second hand store searching for LEGO for my students and found poker chips in a beautiful steel box. I was astonished as the aesthetic appeal of the chips and bought them knowing they would become part of my art at some point. The weight, the texture and the pattern is incredible. I have manipulated the colour on the chip to work with the piece. I placed the nest that I see as Doug on the edge as I think anyone with an addiction is somewhat on the edge all the time, whether actively feeding their addiction or fighting their addiction.

Ps. the shadows make it hard to see the piece but it is so difficult to photograph large pieces of paper, I don't have the space.