Friday, July 29, 2011

Video Interview Ottawa Citizen

Here is a clip from the Ottawa Citizen. My interview is the second one in the segment.

Eco-Column Interview

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a Family Effort

Below is an image of a sign that was created for the Rideau Canal Festival. It was a group effort between my son and I. We run a company called Tipping Point Graphics. He is a very talented designer and layed out the graphic for the park on the sign in the image.

First Columns Decorated by Children

I am back at my hotel waiting for some signs to upload to the printers ftp so will post pictures of the first decorated column. The family was so much fun.

Love Locks Again

My papier mache love locks sculptures are beside the canal again in Ottawa. Here are some images. The bright coloured padlocks below are for the little people to decorate in the workshops that I am giving.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Love Locks" Sculpture, Ottawa Locks, Canada

You bet the "Love Locks" sculpture is back again, in Ottawa, Canada!!! The sculpture looks fantastic along the Ottawa Locks. Come down and attach your lock.  Here are some photos. Thanks to Westmount Moving for bringing the heart to the locks today.

 I am also doing an art installation with the children that come to the Rideau Canal Festival. We are decorating 100 columns with environmental and historical images. 100 columns represents the 100 years of Parks Canada. I am also doing 100 silohettes of padlocks with children along the Ottawa Locks. It will be a busy few days.  The images below are of volunteers helping to paint the columns. Thanks to Randall's Paint, Ottawa for the donation of mistints for painting the columns.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Making

Just finished the box for a large concertina sketckbook, it measures 18 x 12". It is a tulip field inside the book and a collage of some tulip prints of mine on the outside of the box. The box is tied with leftover ribbon from the event with the dignitaries from the Great Wall of China, the ribbon was used on the padlocks of my Love Lock sculpture in Ottawa last year.

"Love Locks" Sculpture is Blue Again

Yesterday I repainted the "Love Locks" sculpture blue again. It will be installed today on the Rideau Canal.

Thanks to the following sponsors for getting the heart here from Saskatoon and for putting on more loops to hold more locks.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

More gloves, more life inside and outside the box

Three new proofs for glove linocuts today. I am having so much fun with this glove concept. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Love Locks" Sculpture in Ottawa, Canada July 26th

Starting July 26th the Love Locks Sculpture will once again be in Ottawa. It will be blue again and ready for people to attach a "love lock" to.  Here is a link to the sculpture and its adventures in Saskatoon Link  Here is a link to the sculptures progress last year in Ottawa Link. Thanks to all of those that have participated in the creation of this sculpture.

Living Inside and Outside the Box

All kinds of new stuff happening. Here are the links, explanations are on the webpages. I will also put a few images below.

Living Inside and Outside the Box

Nest/Nest Egg/Empty Nest