Friday, March 1, 2013

Endeavor Snowboards - top sheet designs

These are two snowboard top sheet designs that I have submitted to the RedBull topsheet contest. 

This is the "Once Upon a Time..." board. Life and all experiences are stories ready to be told at a later time. Life is all about the stories, the happy, the sad, the funny, the ridiculous... Once Upon a Time in the Backcountry... Once Upon a Time in the Terrain Park...Once Upon a Time at the Rail Jam.... Once Upon a Time on a Tree Run... This is a 4 colour reductive technique linocut that is part of a triptych. 

The image is of an old Remington typewriter when snail mail was the only option for getting the word out to others that weren't there to experience the story firsthand.

Dangling Carrot: Fame, Fortune and Happiness This piece is a dangling carrot because getting more time on the hill is often a dangling carrot, and for some riders so is fame and fortune. 

 This is a 12 colour/2 block reductive technique linocut on a diecut background that says "Fame, Fortune, Happiness"