Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Family Nest

Just finished my "Family Nest" paper nest series. The nests are 3 linocut prints that are cut and manipulated to create a 3D paper nest. The eggs are also made from paper and are 3D.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just Be


"Just Be", has now come to life on Ave E and F and 20th street.

It was a sunny day, the students arrived and the street was buzzing with activity for many hours. With 97 students, 40 parent volunteers and 30 community participants we created around 300 bees between Ave E and F on 20th Street. The students were from Georges Vanier Catholic Fine Arts School, Pope John Paul II, St. John and St. Marguerite. Thank you to all the volunteers. 

Thank you to Day's Paint for helping out with some of the materials.

I feel like I have run a marathon and I sort of did. It was great fun to see the bees come to life. Here are the photos. 


People from the community enjoying the bees. 

 Here was our youngest participant last night.

And here are some more random photos

Our other very young participant. 

This guy road in on his bike and got right to work making bees


Culture Days Event - September 29  Thank you to the students and parents that came out to participate.

September 21 - This afternoon amid road construction crews I painted some bees on the sidewalk so that they woudl be ready for Culture Days. THe painting by the studens on September 25 has been cancelled because the street repairs are not done and the area is still covered in construction fencing. It was a windy afternoon but the bees are there and they look great, they will look even better when the fencing comes down on the 27th (well that is the goal date). 

 September 19 - St Marguerite School - Practicing the bee painting 

September 16 - Georges Vanier School - Practicing the bee painting with non traditional colours for bees.

September 14 - St Marguerite School - Stencil cutting

September 13 - Bee stencil cutting at Pope John Paul II School 

September 9 students making bee stencils - Georges Vanier Fine Arts School

August 6 - Media Event

August 3 - Testing the bees on 20th street

July 31
More testing

July 29th, Cutting out stencils for Just Be horizontal street mural, pedestrian crosswalk project.  #justbe 

July 27, practice of stencil on the pavement by my home. Experimenting with stencils and various paints.