Wednesday, February 6, 2019

February 2019 exhibitions and news

Connections, Continous, Nidificate, Context is Everything.

I am very proud to have worked with Korean printmakers to bring their work to Saskatchewan.  Currently on now at the Saskatchewan Craft Council in Saskatoon is an exhibition called Connections, which has featured prints from Korea and printmakers from Saskatchewan together in one show.
It is on now until March 2nd.

Continous continues to travel, and the bees are now buzzing at the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Center in Regina Beach in one gallery, while in the other gallery are works from my nest series called Nidificate.  One of the members of the Cultural Center board wanted to call the exhibition All About the Birds and the Bees, but that could have given the wrong idea about what the exhibition was about.

It is on display until March 24th.

Coming up, I will be traveling to the Leighton Arts Center outside of Calgary and installing Context is Everything.  This is the first public show of this entire exhibition, some of the dandelions are in the Connections show at the Craft Council but that is just a small sample of the entire body of work.
Show dates Mar. 2 - April 13
Context is Everything

What coming up after that?  Some of my prints are flying to the UK,  the bees will be getting ready to go to Ottawa this fall, and I am working on my next series, which is a secret I am even keeping from my husband.  He calls me a spy anyways because when we travel together I get "randomly" selected each time I go through security.  He passes through easily and stops and waits to tease me as I get searched for contraband artwork or whatever they are looking for.  I think they wonder about this artist who travels all the time, she must be up to something.