Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Buzz on Broadway - Start Spreading the News ....

Start spreading the news,

It's started today....

There's a Buzz on Broadway,

Not in New York, New York .....

I am not going to do the whole song, don't worry.  But it's probably stuck in your head. isn't it?

So, hopefully you can make it out to my exhibition at the Craft Council on Broadway, (come and be a part of it ... sorry couldn't resist)  of the printmaking installation called Continuous.  Inside the Craft Council I have installed 48 panels of larger than life bees on beehive frames, starting at the the front of the gallery as a healthy, thriving colony and ending at the back as a colony that has collapsed.  My artist's statement reflects upon this current ecological challenge we face, with the demise of bee colonies and our limited ability to respond. The exhibition also includes beehive sounds and the smell of beeswax to add to the sensory experience.

Included in the exhibition, there is an interactive wall of prints that allows you to move prints around to change the perspective of a beehive frame, with tessellating pieces that fit together in unending combinations.   Additionally, I have created a 24 foot print, which also tessellates.  Outside the gallery along Broadway I have installed in the trees on the meridian links of clay hexagons.  This part of the work incorporates another aspect of my artist's statement, reflecting on how we are all linked and need to work together in our communities to ensure its health and sustainability.   There is also a piece of the life cycle of the bee made using a reductive technique, dipped in beeswax, and suspended from a beehive frame.

Come on out to the artist's talk Thursday, October 20th, at 7 pm, and the official opening on Friday, October 21st from 7 pm until 9 pm.  at the Craft Council 813 Broadway Avenue.

Oh, and I am going to New York next spring.  I will be singing the song in my head all the way on the plane there.