Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hexagons at Night and Death by Hexagons

The installation of "We Are All Linked" is done!!! It was tough slugging the last day but we made it. I was sent this beautiful photo taken by Jannik Plaetner a local photographer, that happened to be out at night and saw my hexagons.

The exhibition "We Are All Linked" continues on the Meewasin Valley Trail, Saskatoon until March 22. 

Even though temperatures hovered around -32 degrees I had some friends come out to help me hang the last clusters. However, Janet succumbed to the temperature, the trugding through deep snow and the pulling of an overloaded tobaggan, filled with hexagons, this is what death by hexagon looks like. Just in case you ever wondered what that might look like.

Here are the rest of the images from our last day. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

We Are All Linked - It is Installed!!!!!

It seems like I have been climbing trees for a week, oh right I have been. My hexagon clusters are in the trees. I am very happy with how the installation looks. 

The exhibition "We Are All Linked" continues on the Meewasin Valley Trail, Saskatoon until March 22. 

We Are All Linked
Public Art by Monique Martin

This installation is made up of interlinked hexagons covered in beeswax to create a visual, olfactory and sound as an expression of the interconnected world we live in, where each link is only as strong as the ones surrounding it.  

We are all linked through relationships, the environment, our community and our past  experiences. The interlinked hexagons are a symbol of this linkage. The environment functions in an absolute way so that the loss of one link creates a huge problem.  Currently colony collapse is a problem for bees. This exhibition will comment on this  through various sensory experiences. As wind and weather play a part in this  exhibition one important link may break causing the entire cluster to fall to the ground. This is an ephemeral ever-changing exhibition with the clusters changing shape as the length of the exhibition increases.

There are:
131 hexagon clusters  in 89 trees created by Monique

This is Gaby Fortugno an Advanced Placement Art Student installing her hexagon clusters. She was a little nervos on the ladder. 

And more of my clusters.  It felt at times like they were multiplying in the tobaggan while waiting to be hung.

I look a little like the Michelin Man in blue, but hey I didn't care if it got beeswax on it or was torn in the trees.