Thursday, March 19, 2015

Born Twice - Beehive Frame Mobile

This is an actual beehive frame with a version of the bee lifecycle suspended from it. The suspended parts are 3-6 colour reductive technique linocuts that are covered in beeswax.  The frame still has come honeycomb on it. 

Turning Pages - Suspended Prints

Turning Pages

This is my latest sculptural print. It is sort of a mobile too. The piece is to comment on the desentiziation of people to violence. As the pieces rotate in the air currents the pieces appear to beeither shot from behind, shoot each other or shoot at the viewer.

Ink on Stonehenge paper 
9 x 12"
12 prints in each suspended book

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Guilty Treasures

This piece is for an exhibition called "Guilty Treasures".

The package contains 19 tulips to mark each
Tulip Painting of mine either lost, stolen or damaged
- Standing Alone Series - 13 pieces
- Abundance Series - 2 pieces
- Touch Series - 2 pieces
- Secrets  Series 2 pieces

** Some pieces remain lost, others have been
recovered and others were not reparable

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Painted Violin - Almost Done

I dipped musical score in beeswax today and finished varnishing my painted violin, now I only need to get it restrung and find an old violin bow as I would like to have a bow as well as the violin. The hunt begins for the bow.