Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Knowledge Nest" and "The Hang Out Nest"

I created two nests with students.  One uses all World Book Encylopeadia and the other clothes hangars. I worked with the Extended Learning Opportunities students on the "Knowledge Nest" and the START program students on "The Hang Out" nest.  Congrats to all the students you created amazing works of art.

Knowledge Nest 

The Hang Out Nest

Friday, May 18, 2012

No Nest Egg - Get Crackin'

I was given this amazing document from the  Marketing and Strategic Services Manager at the Affinity Credit Union and I had to share it with those that follow my blog. I absolutely love it!!!!! My exhibition "Nest- Nest Egg - Empty Nest"and my student exhibition currently on at the Affinity Gallery all link to this concept. I began the series because the phrase "nest egg" kept appearing in my life, and here it appears again.  

My exhibition closes at the Affinity Gallery on May 27th and other work in the series begins at Rouge Gallery on May 25th.

The student exhibition in the trees on Broadway will continue throughout the summer. It is fun to see the nests become camoflauged in the leaves of the trees.   I will post images of the evolving nests as the summer progresses.