Monday, July 17, 2017

Crosswalk Painting - Broadway Ave - Saskatoon 
Watch your step!  I actually got to paint the town red!  And yellow.  And blue.  And a little black.  Well, not the whole town, it was 2 crosswalks on Broadway and 11th.  I worked with Broadway BID  and designed two patterns using the Broadway colors.  Thanks Edyta, Dee Ann, Madeline, Noah, and Madeline's friend Zara for coming out and helping.  Many hands!

A commercial line painting machine was called into action!

Out comes pattern 1!
Typical male.  Letting the ladies do the heavy lifting.
Putting down the pattern.  Thankfully, it was not a windy day, which has been rare this summer!
Pattern 2 ready for first color.

Thanks Noah, for lending a hand.  He worked hard, sitting down was not typical of him.  Madeline and Zara taking a much needed dinner break in the background, they did not sit long either.  Great work, people!

Watch your step!  Wet paint!  Adding a little ground glass for reflectivity.

The Master Line Painter putting down the last color.

Skills.  Look at that straight line!

One color left!
Ta Da!  Same typical male, just standing there still. 

Touching up some spots with a brush.

A few more touch ups.  It's getting dark out.  Great timing. 

Waiting for it to dry now.  Lights are coming on, so its getting late!

The artist and her canvas.

It's dry!  It was 5:30 a.m. and looking great!

We did a drive by.  Well, actually  a drive over!  First!